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Czhilispiel 49 Court


Front Row – (L to R)

Little Miss & Photogenic – Lexi Pilat;

Little Mister & Photogenic– Stryker Targac;

Pepper Princess & Photogenic – Kara Pavlicek,

Young Miss – Briana Pavlica.

Back Row - (L to R)

Jr. Miss – Katie Templeton

Miss Czhilispiel – Addisan Wagner!

Czhilispiel 49 Scholarship Pageant Winners!

CZHILISPIEL 49 Extended Court

CZHILISPIEL 49 Extended Court

Front Row (L to R) Little Mister 2nd RU - J.J. Miller, Young Miss 2nd RU & Photogenic – Quinn Arnett; Young Miss 1st RU – Stassney Ahrens;
Young Miss Contestant - Jaylee Grifaldo; Little Miss & Photogenic – Lexi Pilat; Little Mister & Photogenic – Stryker Targac;
Pepper Princess & Photogenic – Kara Pavlicek; Young Miss – Briana Pavlica; Pepper Princess 2nd RU – Kamryn Sullivan; Pepper Princess 1st RU Brylinn Marrs;
Little Miss 1st RU – Krisha Gordon; Little Mister – 1st RU Brycen Marrs.
Back Row (L to R) Escorts– Keston Freytag & Angel Netro; Jr. Miss Photogenic – Giselle Crayton, Young Miss Contestant - Jordyn Shepard,
Jr. Miss 2nd RU – Alyssa Tover; Jr. Miss – Katie Templeton; Miss Czhilispiel – Addisan Wagner; Miss 1stPhotogenic & Congeniality – Payton Guzman;
Jr. Miss Congeniality – Katelin Sullivan; Jr. Miss 1st Runner Up – Kara Croyle; Escorts- Justin Marler; Young Miss Contestant – Tegan Sullivan and Escort-Aidan Kloesel.
Not pictured are: Miss 2nd RU–Braidy Fike
Czhilispiel 49 - 2021 Pageant will be held on Saturday, October 9th, 2021 at 5:00pm.

Miss Czhilispiel, Junior Miss Czhilispiel, Young Miss Czhilispiel, Little Miss Czhilispiel, Little Mister Czhilispiel and Pepper Princess forms to become a contestant will be available on August 18th at the Elementary & High School Offices. Turn in deadline is at 6pm on September 9th, 2021. Printable PDF forms are available below for each category.

For more info call Ashely Beeman at 830-660-6106.

2020 Czhilispiel 48 Scholarship Pageant Winners

Front Row: Adalyn Carrales – Little Miss;
Joseph Carrales – Little Mister;
Brooklyn Beeman – Pepper Princess;
Back Row - Sarah Ponewash – Jr. Miss;
AnaLyn Kozelsky – Miss Czhilispiel;
Keilani Mendez – Young Miss.


Front Row (L to R):

Briana Pavlica – Little Miss 2nd Runner Up & Photogenic;

Sidonia Hansen – Little Miss 1st Runner Up;

Micah Murphy – Little Mister 2nd Runner Up;

Brycen Marrs – Little Mister 1st Runner Up;

Adalyn Carrales – Little Miss;

Joseph Carrales – Little Mister & Photogenic;

Brooklyn Beeman – Pepper Princess & Photogenic;

Zaylin Romine – Little Miss 3rd Runner Up:

Tinley Bujnoch-Aguillon – Young Miss 1st Runner Up.

Back Row:

Kirsten Olmos – Miss 2nd Runner Up;

Ellie Fike – Miss 1st Runner Up & Miss Congeniality;

Sarah Ponewash – Jr. Miss & Jr. Miss Congeniality;

AnaLyn Kozelsky – Miss Czhilispiel & Miss Photogenic;

Katie Templeton – Jr. Miss 3rd Runner Up & Miss Photogenic;

Keilani Mendez – Young Miss & Photogenic;

Giselle Crayton – Young Miss 1st Runner Up;

Alyssa Tovar – Jr. Miss 2nd Runner Up

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