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Czhilispiel Sponsorship Agreement

Contact Information

Please list your name/company as you wish to be recognized in Czhilispiel signage and promotional materials:

Organization Information

Sponsorship Information

Please enter the sponsorship donation amount in the appropriate level:
Habanero Pepper
($5,000 and up)
Serrano Pepper
($1,500 - $4,999)
Jalapeno Pepper
($1,000 - $1,499)
Chipotle Pepper
($500 - $999)
Czhili Pepper
($250 - $499)
please indicate which event/activity here:

Agreement Signature

If the above terms are acceptable, please sign below. This document and the attached proposal will serve as the sponsorship agreement between you or your company and Czhilispiel.
By typing your name below, you agree to the terms

To Submit Your Logo:

UPLOAD YOUR LOGO image files only.

Please email your business logo (.JPEG or .PNG) and company information to be included in the promotional material and festival website to: flatoniacofc@sbcglobal.net

NOTE: Deadline for inclusion in all promotional materials is August 1st
***Logo size will depend on the category of sponsorship.
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