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Circle W Feed & Supply

CIRCLE W FEED - FLATONIA, TX offers: Dry Feed for Cattle, Horses, Deer, Poultry, Fish, Dogs and Cats. We also have Liquid Feeder Skids, Square Bales, Gardening Supplies, Potting Soil, Fertilizer, Mulch, Weed & Pest Control Products, Bird Feeders, Mineral Feeders, Hay Rings, Cattle & Hog Panels, Barb Wire, Hinges, Propane, 12 and 6 volt batteries, variety of Stay Tough staples,Carb Cleaner, Liquid Wrench, Tire Slime, Rat and Mouse traps, and baits,Calf bottles, Water Softeners with rust inhibitor and without,Deer Feeder Parts motors, timers, battery chargers, solar panels, Game Cameras and Memory Cards, Round Up , Eraser, Ranger Pro, Sendero
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Contact Information

East 7th St.
Flatonia, Texas 78941
email: info@circlewfeed.com
(361) 865-2883
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