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American Akaushi Association



128 E. South Main St. Flatonia, TX 78941

Ph. 361-238-7218 www.akaushi.com
Executive Director - Bubba Bain
Executive Assistant & Office Manager - Janie Bain

DNA & Information Specialist - Tim Kozelsky

The American Akaushi Association is the official registry for Akaushi cattle outside of Japan.

Not only do we perform the usual association duties of promoting the breed and maintaining the registry for all of our members/breeders, we also oversee the DNA verification process of each animal in the registry. When you buy Akaushi cattle you know exactly what you are getting. We have recorded over 100,000 animals since the Association was formed in 2010. Akaushi cattle produce high quality beef that is known for its marbling, great taste and extraordinary health benefits. It’s what the beef industry has been asking for. “Good doing” cattle that will perform at the ranch, the feedlot, and on the rail. Now more than ever, you have options that will increase your market share.

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